Plant No. 1

This plant was put into operation in 1959. Its initial nominal capacity was 300 tons per day and its mechanism had been established based on a wet process. Then, in 1964, two other kilns (with the capacities of 300 & 400 tons per day) were added to this unit and its capacity reached 1000 tons per day.

This plant has been specified to produce cement type V which is known as anti-sulfate cement and is used for the construction of damns, bridges… It is also used in salty and gypsum-covered areas. For this reason it is also known as resistant cement.

From its start time, this plant has produced different unique types of cements including oil-well cement classes on the orders of some famous companies like “National Iranian Drilling Company”.

Plant No. 2

This plant is another unit of production which has been established based on dry-mechanism. It was set up in 1969 with the nominal capacity of 1000 tons per day. It is focused on the production of cement type I which is specified for general usages like building constructions.

A specific version of cement type I with a low amount of alkali once had been producing in this plant on the orders of some Russian experts who were working at “Isfahan Melting Iron Plant”. Having a high quality, this special type of cement had been certified by the specialists. 

Plant No. 3

This plant is the largest unit of production in Doroud Cement Factory which has been established based on dry-mechanism. It was set up in 1980 with the nominal capacity of 2500 tons per day. It can produce cement types I, II, and V.

This unit is equipped with one of the most contemporary and advanced types of controlling systems.

In 1955, Fars & Khuzestan Cement Company launched its first cement plant in Shiraz. Later on, other plants in other cities e.g. Doroud, Qazvin and Behbahan were put into operation.

Doroud Cement Company which consists of three isolated units is considered as one of the biggest national manufacturers and amongst cement consumers owns a high level of popularity.
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